What upcoming 3DS game are you most hyped for?

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2 years ago#1
For me, Persona Q, Kirby 3D, and Prof Layton X Phoenix Wright

also since I'm counting titles I hope eventually get localized, DQVII

would be real hyped for Monolith Soft's 3DS game if we knew anything about it
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2 years ago#2
Layton X Phoenix game, sadly we still don't have a release date for it... >_>

(and I still hope for Fantasy Life localization)
2 years ago#3
Yukino_Asakura posted...
(and I still hope for Fantasy Life localization)

That one, or any Dragon Quest game.

Failing the both of those, and only things that are confirmed for a US release, I'd have to go with Kirby. I'm getting Conception 2 on Vita, and while I've paid for Disney's Magical Castle, I lack HYPE for that game. I'm not huge on Smash... or Layton, so yeah. Kirby, I guess/
2 years ago#4
Persona Q and Monster Hunter 4!
2 years ago#5
Kirby, Smash Brothers, Mario Golf, Persona Q, PW Vs. Layton, Gunvolt, Shantae, Shovel Knight, FF Curtain Call, Forbidden Magna, Bravely Second, Senran Kagura 2, Monster Hunter 4U and (hopefully)Dragon Quest VII are some of my most anticipated 3DS games. The others are just icing on the cake.
I'm also looking forward to hearing more about that new Ace Attorney game.

Good times lie ahead for us 3DS owners. :)
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Most anticipated: Monster Hunter 4U, Smash Brothers 4, Persona 5/Q, Mighty N9 and Azure Striker: Gunvolt
2 years ago#6
Apart from DQVII, nothing.
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2 years ago#7
got my preorder set for Layton x PW

so i'm mostly ready for Persona Q (which I'm sadly going to have to import) and maybe Smash Bros, not decided yet.
2 years ago#8
Conception 2 (assuming I don't get the Vita version), Kirby and MH4.
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2 years ago#9
Kirby: Triple Deluxe. I'm still thinking about Mario Golf: World Tour.
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2 years ago#10
Nothing really...

I'm hoping for Fantasy Life localization, I guess. Since RF4 is dead.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney, eh, I need to catch up with Layton games first. Etrian Odyssey Untold? I'm probably going to buy it, but I'm in no hurry to play it either. SMT IV is so late, I lost all hype I had for it. Persona Q is not announced for EU.
Can't think of anything else on upcoming (that is relevant to my interests).
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