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What are some positive/happy games?
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DOTBHDD2310/24 11:55AM
With the New 3DS coming out, will they stop making games for the original 3DS?
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HylianKnight13810/24 11:29AM
problems connecting 3ds xl to bt super hubsezra210/24 11:08AM
im still waiting for majoras mask 3d edition
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Retroxgamer01610/24 10:36AM
The Legend of Korra: A New Era Begins SCREENSHOTS!
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Spade21X2110/24 10:10AM
I'm actually excited for Pokemon: Art AcademyRabbit-Flareon310/24 9:57AM
Club Nintendo Questionblargargy310/24 9:09AM
"Get a Life" too offensive?
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plasmawisp17132510/24 8:00AM
If you need reassurance before you buy a game, Fantasy Life might not be for you (Closed)MetalGearOnAcid1010/24 7:50AM
Fire emblem awakening's legs are crazy good for the kind of game it is.
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pikachupwnage1310/24 7:19AM
Finished 999, halfway in VLR...
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lifelack1210/24 7:13AM
Has the Fantasy Life puzzle been released in Japan?parKb5610/24 6:59AM
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse OST officially released online.BeanBeanKingdom1010/24 6:38AM
Do you plan on buying any 3DS themes? (Poll)
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ThunderSeal6510/24 6:22AM
Question about using 2 of the same game on one systemsacman64510/24 6:20AM
Fantasy life or bravely default
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Nend01710/24 6:14AM
best layton gamechelth810/24 6:07AM
merge 2 nintendo id's?method236210/24 5:27AM
how many 3ds owners own a vita as well as a 3ds? which do you play more
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ILoveYou2510/24 4:42AM
SSB3DS Questions and Problems D:KirbyStar610/24 4:40AM