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Opinion's on "Link's Awakening"...
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amilli0nlights694/17 9:45PM
What other company do you think can make a good Golden Sun game?21_2134/17 9:14PM
In retrospect what was the best 2011 3DS game? (Poll)pikachupwnage24/17 9:00PM
In retrospect what was the best 2014 3DS game? (Poll)pikachupwnage34/17 8:41PM
Only a few more weeks until they announce the next main series Pokemon game!
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Operation Faceplate topic V3 - Still waiting.
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Tales of the Abyss
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Best choice of game for gold members?NinjaGuerra34/17 7:04PM
How to download new Streetpass games?Jinn_Remona84/17 6:46PM
I LOST MY 3DS THEMES!!! Help please.Killzonegaming94/17 6:40PM
Are Mysterious Murasame Castle or SMB: Deluxe any good?MetaFalconPunch34/17 6:34PM
Why isn't 3D Sonic the Hedgehog in 16:9?CMontoya21X74/17 6:08PM
Does Pokemon Rumble World save its data to the cloud?MetalGearOnAcid74/17 6:02PM
Just noticed that the Legend of Korra 3DS is blatant ripoff of Fire Emblem. (Closed)7lightsXIII74/17 5:29PM
Can you buy amiibos on the eShop?
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I bought my BF a New3DS and idk what game to get him
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TanyaGD254/17 4:43PM
The fact that Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion looks great on iOS gives me hope..CMontoya21X64/17 4:29PM
N3DSXL weaker wireless ?cvam198544/17 4:27PM
Street pass relay locations.generalghost54/17 4:25PM
the successor to the 3DS should...
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