Name a game you would have paid double for.

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User Info: SSJ2__Gohan

3 years ago#21
Four Swords Anniversary Edition.

User Info: PrincessLum

3 years ago#22
Probably only Dual Destinies and the upcoming Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney game, just because I was afraid those games wouldn't come out here and I so, so wanted to play Dual Destinies and still so, so want to play PL vs. AA already....because I am a crazy Ace Attorney fangirl, haha. :-)

User Info: BigDaddyWingnut

3 years ago#23
Face Raiders
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User Info: Primum_Mobile

3 years ago#24
Pork_buttonmash posted...
mrjack3112 posted...
Primum_Mobile posted...
i bought senran kagura burst twice....
i am kind of regretting it.

i also bought oot3d and starfox64 3d when i own the original, does that count?

You prevert...

I can't blame him. Navi is pretty attractive... and don't forget her voice. Sometimes I just stand around so I can hear her shout "Hey!" or "Listen!".

nah, i just can't get over falcon being tsundere for fox.
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User Info: SuperSuarezBros

3 years ago#25
Puddingchan posted...
None. Games are pricey enough.

Go back in time to my childhood when snes games were priced at $80......
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User Info: 0-172

3 years ago#26
Without a doubt Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I've gotten over 360 hours of gameplay out of it so far and there is no end in sight.
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User Info: EgoMouse32

3 years ago#27
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I got it on sale in the eShop, so I wouldn't mind paying 40 dollars for a physical copy I guess.
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User Info: ___bunny___

3 years ago#28
On the 3ds...New leaf, Mario tennis.
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User Info: keyblader1985

3 years ago#29
ponyseizures posted...
>Persona 4

I paid $6.75 for Persona 4. Knowing what I now know, I'd be more than willing to pay $13.50.
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User Info: renzsweet

3 years ago#30
LBW, Bravely Default, LTTP.
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