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1 year ago#1
Haven't bought i game for 1.5 years for my 3DS, hope the battery hasn't died of idleness. First, i don't care about the stupidity that is Pokemon and none of that turn based "jrpg" crap as well. I was looking at OoT, mainly because i never played a Zelda game, but how does it stand up today? I'm afraid i won't like it much because i haven't played the N64 version, no nostalgia, has anyone played it on the 3DS first and how did it play for them? Project X Zone looks interesting, plus it's pretty cheap, is it any fun? Then there are two Layton games and the Layton vs Wright one, how are those compared to the DS ones, i have those? Kingdom Hearts looks cool too, but is it any fun, how does it play, is it better than BbS? I heard Sticker Star is trash, they removed everything cool from the previous games (i only played the first one, kinda liked it)?
1 year ago#2
I didn't play the N64 version of OoT but did enjoy it on the 3DS. Apparently it's better if you haven't played it before because it is almost the same as the original as far as content. Still, it isn't the best game around, but it is still fun and looks great. I do highly recommend Rune Factory 4, and also check out Kid Icarus: Uprising (now cheap and surprisingly fun), Metal Gear Solid, and Monster Hunter 3U.
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1 year ago#3
I just finished Zelda Ocarina of Time Master Quest, hopefully in time for my Mario Golf World Tour to arrive in the mail. If you like Zelda, every Zelda game available on the 3DS Virtual Console eShop are no brainer purchases. Solid stuff. If you don't have PS3, you may as well try Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater and Ace Combat if you don't mind lack of dual analog sticks. Project X Zone has two demos in the 3DS eShop. I downloaded one, but haven't tried it yet.
1 year ago#4
I'm not recommending you a thing, because you have a horrible attitude
1 year ago#5
I have MGS, got a CPP for it as well. RF4 never came out in Europe it seems, and Kid Icarus is kinda pricy over here, all 3DS games are in fact, Kingdom Hearts is like 60$ new.
1 year ago#6
MonkeyKrazy07 posted...
I'm not recommending you a thing, because you have a horrible attitude

It's okay! I'm a limo driver!
1 year ago#7
If you're gonna try a zelda game I recommend The legend of zelda : A Link between worlds instead.
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is one my favorite games on the system so check it out.
Kirby Triple Deluxe looks cute and fun. Still haven't received my copy yet but it looks pretty good.
Do you like Animal Crossing ? I have over 600 hours of playtime in Animal Crossing : New Leaf.

Don't be picky and try stuff. If you really don't like anything then, maybe sell it ?
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1 year ago#8
Luigi's Mansion does look fun, i might check it out, thanks!
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