New game to be announced @ E3 is Metroid 3DS due November 2014

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* Goes to topic
* Sees link that goes to 4Chan
* Knows what 4Chan is
* Shakes head and walks away.

Nothing to see here, people.
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xIvan321 posted...
The Top Crusader posted...
I'd love a side-scrolling Metroid on 3DS, but I refuse to believe it!!

You'd like to believe that, but if it were 90 minutes of a game Sakurai is supposably making I find it hard to believe it would be a side scrolling Metroid game with his pedigree. It would have to be a 3D Metroid game or some other game no one isn't even expecting like that unannounced NFC game.

They're obviously going to dedicate the time to Martha Stewart.
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A new Metroid would be fantastic
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DarthZelda posted...
We can only hope....

A limited edition Metroid 3DS would be mega sweet tho....

As long as it was a Nintendo 3DS XL, it'd be yet another limited edition Nintendo 3DS that I'd have to add to my collection.
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nintendo almost always announces a game and then it's a year later before we play it.
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