Is is worth giving Sticker Star a shot?

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I've played some bad games before...

This was one of them.

Nothing is worse than Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

I'd make a comment about you not playing enough terrible games, but that would just make me look bad.

Other M is worse and than game is in bargain bins. Literally worth like $5-10 in most stores.

I thoroughly enjoyed Chain of Memories (every version of it). I wonder if that puts me in a vocal minority. >.>
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I really like it. It's a solid game. Not the best game ever, but definitely a good game. I'm sure if it was done by another company under another name it would have gotten a bunch of praise, but since it's not exactly what Nintendo fanboys expected they hate it. Nintendo fanboys are pretty asinine.
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It's a fine game, just the target of a bunch of loudmouths because it differed from what they were expecting and they disagree with the design decisions of a game that's well put together.

It has a bit of platforming but there's quite a bit of exploration and visual style puzzles.
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Sure. Just bring a guide along with you for the ride. I think it's a solid game with it, but it would definitely be below average without since certain things aren't explained well. It's like the opposite of Super Paper Mario where they wouldn't stop talking in that regard.
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It's a bad games with a cool concept that was done poorly
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It's easily the worst Paper Mario game, but it's not as terrible as most people say.

Heck, I wouldn't even consider it the worst Mario RPG game. Partners in Time is worse, IMO.

Gamers nowadays are simply too spoiled. They play a below-average and go "this is the worst game evuuuuuuur", "this game is so bad that gave me cancer", "it's not worth giving it a shot even for $5", etc. People have no idea of what a REALLY bad game is.

At least Sticker Star has polish, great soundtrack, decent length and doesn't have any technical issues (glitches).
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I would suggest getting Dream Team over Sticker Star TC. Sticker Star isn't a terrible game, It's just boring. They tried something new and IMO it just didn't work out, it lacks all of the charm of other PM games and that really disappointed me.

If you can find it for cheap then by all means try it out but I would say that Dream Team is the better game of the two.
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TC, rather than mindlessly bash the game and say it's the "worst ever" without any reasons why, I'll just leave these for you here. Most of these reviews are fairly positive because the game isn't "the worst ever." Is SS a copy and paste from PM64 or TYD? No. Does it still have its own charms? Yes. It's the vocal minority vs reviewers. I'll let you decide.
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Yeah, TC. It may not be as good as the other Paper Mario games, but it's still fun and the soundtrack is absolutely stellar.
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