3DS is literally the worst Nintendo hardware since Virtual Boy

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How about a 2DS instead? You don't need 3D, right?

The 2DS is the most uncomfortable piece I garbage I have ever held. I wouldn't recommend that to anybody.

2DS is the most comfortable handheld I have ever held. I would recommend it to everyone

See I can do that too. Also, those of us with normal, human hands have no issues with handling the 2DS.

Ok boss lol. If you think a huge square hunk of plastic fits better in your hands than a 3DS then so be it. Most people don't share that opinion.

And thers do share the opinion. What is the point your trying to make here? The 2DS is comfortable to hold, you either have scrawny hands or giant hands.
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Wow, remind me not to hang out with you, I don't want your terrible luck to rub off on me.
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seems like you have terrible luck. I have a launch day DS that still works perfectly. my 3ds isn't launch day but i've got no problems with it and it's the only refurbished system I've ever bought. same for my psp and my vita

however, I agree that the 3DS is the worst hardware since VB. it brought absolutely nothing new thats worthwhile to portable gaming. the GB, the GBA, and the DS were much more innovative than a crappy 3d feature almost nobody cares about
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You didn't try to repair them or anything? However, I somewhat agree. My DSi was perfect, so was my DS Lite. My 3DS OG Aqua Blue needed 3 repairs, and currently it has a super stiff d-pad and the circle pad rubber pretty f***ing loose, WHAT THE F*** NINTENDO, YOU'RE TEARIN ME APAT LISA

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you have terrible luck. mine's original aqua blue which works flawless, and i don't even take care of my systems that much.
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I've had my 3DS for I believe two years and I have not had any problems with it what so ever
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I haven't had any issues with my 3DS, and I've had it since launch day.
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So far I have owned a 3DS and 3DS XL and have had no problems at all. Some people just get really unlucky or don't take care of their things properly.
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You got some bad luck.
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I have a hard time believing this bs.
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