Mr and Ms..I cannot see the 3D...

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Recently, i bought a standard 3DS, because of the 3D in videogames, (though, i already have seen some movies in 3D).. I tried SM3D and activated the 3D...BUT I CANNOT SEE IT IN ALL!!!.

I have some issues in my eyes (short sighted), even a lot of people tell me that they see the 3D clearly well. But i only see the 2 images being displayed at the same time, so i gotta ask.

Do the 3D looks like the commercials tell you, literally out of the screen? or it looks deeper in-game?.
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It's more like looking into a scene and noticing the depth. You'll notice that you get a wider view of what's going on when you turn the 3D up. The puzzle panels are a good example of this.
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It makes the game deeper. There aren't really a lot of games that do pop out 3D. Super Mario 3D Land is the only one I can think of right now, and even then it's only in a few levels.
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It depends on how it's being applied in game. Sometimes it leaps out; sometimes gives depth. And in rare cases, it looks like vomit.
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Most of the time it's like looking through a window into the game. Occasionally, there's some pop-out stuff, like the birds and flaming embers floating around in Fire Emblem Awakening.

In Super Mario 3D Land, you can switch between the two modes of 3D.

I'm near-sighted too, but I can see the 3D better with my glasses off.
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Youve got to keep your head center to the top screen. Theres a small sweet spot just to see some depth in the screen. Some people have issues with it, they must like to headbang while playing or something.
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Well thanks guys, now i clearly have in mind how it looks, so i guess is the position of head the origin of problems.
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Yeah, the ideal space to hold the 3DS is dead center and about 18 inches from your face... that's too close for me (I have one eye farsighted and one eye damaged) so I don't often use the 3D, and it makes the movie 3D unusable, but I can make it work for my 3DS and for TV 3D. It's weird.
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If you're experiencing double images, just keep in mind you're not supposed to look at the surface of the screen, but "through" the screen, so to speak. The focal point is a bit behind the screen. This concept takes some getting used to as everybody is conditioned to look at the surface of the screen.

If you're short or near-sighted, that means you have trouble focusing on distant objects -- depth would likely go double for you. You might wanna reduce the 3D where it's there but subtle. I'm far-sighted, so i'm great with depth but pop-out makes my eyes go haywire. I think the 3DS screen can handle about 7 layers of depth and maybe 3 layers of pop-out, so it's definitely biased towards depth.
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