What Is Your Favorite Nintendo Franchise?

#1Spade21XPosted 6/28/2014 12:11:22 PM
What Is Your Favorite Nintendo Franchise? - Results (327 votes)
11.31% (37 votes)
Donkey Kong
1.53% (5 votes)
The Legend of Zelda
30.58% (100 votes)
24.46% (80 votes)
2.14% (7 votes)
Fire Emblem
11.62% (38 votes)
Star Fox
1.53% (5 votes)
9.17% (30 votes)
Animal Crossing
2.45% (8 votes)
Other (please state)
5.2% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Mine would have to be The Legend of Zelda. How about you?
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#2StephenYap3Posted 6/28/2014 12:12:51 PM
Mario. I grew up with him.
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#3Xynaxus64Posted 6/28/2014 12:16:51 PM
Eww, so much Zelda. I personally find it to be a very boring franchise.
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#4mad9671Posted 6/28/2014 12:19:37 PM
The Advance Wars series/Franchise.
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#5megamachopopPosted 6/28/2014 12:21:13 PM
Xynaxus64 posted...
Eww, so much Zelda. I personally find it to be a very boring franchise.
Just look at my sig to see how I feel.

That's good. I feel Metroid overall is pretty boring. Point?
#6TinyTim123Posted 6/28/2014 12:22:59 PM
Currently burnt right out on Mario and platformers in general.
Have never been a huge Donkey Kong fam (it's alright, but not something I think of when I think 'favorite')
Enjoy the 2D Zelda games, dislike the only 3D Zelda I've played.
Don't really care about the main Pokémon games, though I do enjoy some of the side games.
Kirby is most definitely a favorite... if I didn't feel a compulsion to play Animal Crossing, Kirby would surely be my favorite of these.
Fire Emblem is pretty alright, but I haven't played enough of them to qualify as a favorite. Only played I&II on Super Famicom and the new one on 3DS.
Star Fox... not a fan.
Metroid, I like the 2D Metroid games, hated the first person Metroid games.
I feel the need to play Animal Crossing; it's my own little pocket zen space, and I try to take a little time every day to play just for awhile and relax.

So Animal Crossing followed very closely by Kirby, with Fire Emblem in third.
#7DarthZeldaPosted 6/28/2014 12:25:36 PM
Metroid and Zelda
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#8Jack_the_monke7Posted 6/28/2014 12:30:23 PM
Smash Bros. But I voted Fire Emblem cuz it's my 2nd favorite.
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#9toadiemanPosted 6/28/2014 12:35:51 PM
DarthZelda posted...
Metroid and Zelda

I can't wait to bomb some dodongos
#10MerenwenragoPosted 6/28/2014 12:38:48 PM(edited)
Pokemon is Gamefreak's so not sure why it is in the list but chose it since I love the games.
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