As usual. NoA club Nintendo proves itself to be the worst club Nintendo.

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You guys constantly get games on your CN (I'm well aware 99% is crap, but 1% is better than 0% which is the case for us because we never get games), and Gold/Platinum rewards (once again I'm well aware they're usually not much and that especially this year's were bad. But once again: that's better than absolutely nothing).

I'd take US CN over EU CN any time.

It's not just the prizes though. European Club Nintendo runs better deals and promotions that America's club Nintendo does. Europe got access to one of 10 free games after purchasing Mario Kart 8. America only had 4, 3 of which had already been given out in bundles. An in certain promotions, Europe gets games like Animal Crossing and Star Fox 64 for free. The only promotion I can think of that North America did better was the Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei one.

EU gets terrible localizations though. How many NA games is the EU still waiting for?
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Oh, be quiet and go get an animal crossing pouch.

...and it just so happens that I hate pea soup.
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I would gladly give up 500 Coins for Donkey Kong Original Edition. I have so many coins that they are worthless at this point.
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Entitled children.