Confused about Japan's 3DSLL free game promotion

#1TrystXIIPosted 7/18/2014 4:04:21 PM
Hey guys. A friend of mine was on holiday in Japan recently and I asked him to pick me up a new 3DSXL console whilst he was out there. He's now returned and I've got the console, however I'm confused by the free game promotion. I've got as far as registering my Nintendo ID, however when clicking on the promotion I get to a page which asks for a 16 digit code:


Translated by Google: "Please fill out the form below, the campaign of 16-digit code that is listed in the 'campaign ticket' (Please enter in upper case alphanumeric characters alphabet)"

The problem is that I have no idea what this 16 digit code is. There's nothing that came with the DS which gives a 16 digit code. Have I ended up with an old new 3DSLL which wasn't packaged with something to do with this promotion or am I missing something obvious?

Any help would be appreciated!
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#2GI_TiPosted 7/18/2014 4:30:03 PM
The store is supposed to give you a voucher with the code on it.