Anyone else complaining to Nintendo?

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User Info: Pikachu1918

2 years ago#1
Club Nintendo of America reminds me a lot of the Titanic. It looks great, it should be great, and then it tanks, and then it get's worse.

I am wondering is anyone else tempted to call/write/send smoke signals to Nintendo to tell them how bad it is. How after X years as a loyal customer you are pissed!
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User Info: Leanaunfurled

2 years ago#2
About Club Nintendo? Idgaf about that and I was fine with this year's free rewards. Spend your time complaining to them about actual s*** they do or don't do.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

2 years ago#3
Yeah, let's complain about free stuff! Because that's clearly what we should be spending our time on...
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User Info: Merenwenrago

2 years ago#4
think of the countries with worse club nintendo rewards then you will be happy with what you get.

I would love to get rewards you guys get from yours
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User Info: NotSoSuperman

2 years ago#5
That's a shame, people complaining about free things. It should just go back to no codes with games so no would would complain.

My girlfriend and I are atleast enjoy Game & Wario. Funny, that's the third free WiiU game I've gotten - Wind Waker, then Pikmin 3.
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User Info: Krambo42

2 years ago#6
I actually sent them an email thanking them for the free game.

User Info: bandit_wolf

2 years ago#7
I've seen a few people.
Some of us were looking to get a physical reward.
The gold free games have been in rotation already. No real reward with those.
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User Info: The Top Crusader

The Top Crusader
2 years ago#8
Nintendo should give us free healthcare!
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User Info: einsteinecker

2 years ago#9
The Top Crusader posted...
Nintendo should give us free healthcare!
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User Info: Zemata

2 years ago#10
So many Nintendo apologists in this thread! The platinum reward this time was bad no matter how you look at it. = My Lego Things. = My music things.
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