The 3DS doesn't support 802.11n?

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Wow. That was really disrespectful.
And you want help.
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Just a suggestion. What I did was, I took an old router and wired it through my PC. What is required is a PC with dual ethernet and an old router. My PC has a Broadcom NetXtreme II in it. They cost about 15 bucks on ebay. What I have done is shared my desktops wired connection with the second lan port and have the router in said second lan. Not only is this great for my 3DS but I connect on my WiiU, Xbox 360, and android phone. The xbox connects wired and it works great.
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Are you all trying to troll me right now or something? I was literally only mean to 2 people, one who called me a troll and the guy who tried to follow up on it
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LinkSoraZelda posted...
Wow. That was really disrespectful.
And you want help.

No I don't. I got my answer, so piss off.
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TinyTim123 posted...
Contact Nintendo; they often know how to adjust the settings on your 3DS so that it will connect to your router.

There are chat and phone support for you at the bottom of this article.

Um, that's not helpful. We've already established what kinds of signals the system is and isn't compatible with, and there's nothing you can adjust on the system that will change that. The problem is the only setting on his router that gives adequate signal strength throughout his house is incompatible with the 3DS hardware.
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^^^Yup so it's either get Comcast to replace it or get a cheap router to filter through the wireless modem that's set to g/n only for games

Thanks Number43, you read the topic lol. I'll close this in a bit because I have a feeling people are going to try to start trouble
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BDogg20 posted...
Why would anyone help this guy? Such a rude person

Because he got such a warm welcome.
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Reported. I was gonna help you.
What a jerk.