Would you buy a FFV or FFVI remake for the 3ds?

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2 years ago#31
Similar to III and IV remakes on DS? No I absolutely hate those remakes.
A remake similar to Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection on PSP? I'd buy that day 1.
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2 years ago#32
i'd buy VI but i'd want a IV 3ds remake the most. idk why but its always been my fav FF game
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2 years ago#33
They already remade Final Fantasy 5 and 6. They're mobile (Android and iOS) releases.

And if by chance you meant using FF3's engine, they remade FF4 After Years with that engine, making it the 3rd and most recent 3D remake of a 2D FF game. This trend suggests FF5 and FF6 will be remade in 3D on mobile first.
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2 years ago#34
And before an argument starts about FF5 and 6 on mobile, yes they're remakes, not ports. They're new sprites, animations, and backgrounds from older versions and the engine is from Final Fantasy Dimensions, a FF specifically created for mobile.
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2 years ago#35
The reason The After Years turned 3D is because the game reuses so many assets from FFIV that half of the work was already done for them. It wasn't a full scale project like FFIII and IV were. SE have not yet made a single remake in that capacity on mobile and TAY is not an indicator for anything to come. Plus, putting V and VI in both 2D and 3D on the same platform makes very little sense. SE are trying to stay cheap on the mobile front, so they're not going to take redundant steps like that.

And no, V and VI for mobile are enhanced ports. Enhanced ports keep the original engine while typically redoing the graphics and sound (in this case the sound is untouched) and adding some bells and whistles (e.g. the new PSP style special effects). The games run off their GBA engines with the new touch UI and special effects added on. Creating a new engine that works the same as the old one is redundant unless the old one is too clunky/outdated (e.g. FF1 and 2 when they were remade on the Wonderswan). Moving everything to Dimensions' engine is also completely unnecessary when that game is also running off a modified GBA engine.
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