Do you see a lot of people playing with a Vita/3DS in public transportation?

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No, where I live flashing any sort of electronics on the bus (be it ipod, 3ds, vita, etc) is a good way to get robbed (If you're lucky they just rob you). Looking poor and keeping alert is the best way to avoid trouble.

Where do you live? 0.0

New Orleans, the on again off again murder capital of the US and generally unpleasant city to live in. My bus route in particular went through some fairly bad neighborhoods.
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I'd be lucky to see a DS Lite let alone a 3ds or Vita. I live in Pakistan
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I've never seen anyone playing with a 3DS except me. And I never saw anyone with a Vita too.

Guess that here in Portugal it's a bit rare to see a 3DS...
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Other than my girlfriend, I rarely get streetpasses while I'm out. I did get about 3 each day while at college last year, though.

Anyway, I'm from northern Maryland and I NEVER see anyone with a handheld in public unless it's during some event (convention and the sort). Less so on public transportation, but that's because I take public transportation when visiting the harbor in Baltimore or spending a day in Washington DC. Smart phones are a different story, but all electronics in general are urged to remain hidden.

I'll be moving to northern Virginia next week for a job, but I doubt I'll see any difference in the frequency in which I see handheld devices since it's still part of the DC metropolitan area.
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I remember seeing Vita once and 3DS once. Pretty surprising considering I take public transportation every day (and sometimes play my own 3DS while doing so)
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i live in washington and nope, everyones always fooling around on their cellphones. im like one of the only people i know with a vita/3ds and im the only person i know with both
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