Bravely Default Chapter 5 is great. Who is smearing this game again?

#11Bigmac909Posted 8/23/2014 11:28:11 AM
Did you just get to Chapter 5 TC? Because it's not the chapter itself that sucks, it's how it serves as the beginning of a long trend of suck-y-ness.
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Compass posted...
Amakusa posted...
People are just reacting to the concept of it. There's nothing wrong with playing through it.

I think a lot of people are just aping what others have said without even having gotten to chapter 5. In fact, I remember someone admitting it:

"Don't play Bravely Default. It gets horrible in the second half of the game. Oh, by the way, I haven't played it, that's just what I hear people keep saying."

That's funny, because I remember another guy saying, "I loved playing Bravely Default until I got to Chapter 5, when it began to get repetitive and boring."

See, I can just throw out quotes as well.
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Even though I disliked the repetition, I think it makes sense. They should have just shortened it to 3 times instead. 5 is a lot. My big complaint about the game is that it hid it's story in the vampire sidequest. That's pretty stupid. It's a sidequest. Some people are already bored to death by the time they try to face the vampire. If they used the vampire to force people into his sidequest while he told his story then it would be great. But no. You must go there and read the paintings on the walls. :(
Anyway, the game is great. I liked almost everything, even the story (I like how they mess with Zelda's concepts), I just think that they planned the second part to be longer than it should.
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Oh boo hoo. People don't want to replay the same sections of a game again, and it does seem lazy as all hell, so......
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You guys should ignore Compass. His taste in games is known for being ass.
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#16xenos74Posted 8/23/2014 2:50:19 PM
I personally enjoyed the 2nd half of the game.

I was playing on hard the entire time and I had a blast figuring out how to defeat the new teams of bosses without resorting to cheesing it with nin/spiritmaster.

I also enjoyed the side story dialogue that came with each new ch in the repeat battles.

If there was anything I got tired of, it was just defeating the same crystal bosses...but by the final chapters you just stomp them anyways
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21_21 posted...
You guys should ignore Compass. His taste in games is known for being ass.

lol. But you're in here so apparently you don't even take your own advice. GG.

Stop being butthurt over whatever game I criticized months/years ago. Let it go, son. Play some BD. I recommend Chapter 5 and beyond in particular.
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the repetition definitely bothered me, but it wouldnt stop me from recommending this game to anyone who enjoys final fantasy or jrpgs. great game.
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You just like Airy saying "More... more... keep going". You naughty boy~
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echa_One posted...
You just like Airy saying "More... more... keep going". You naughty boy~

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