How often do you see a handheld in public?

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2 years ago#11
I can catch at least one other person using a handheld (mostly 3DS; Vita is much rarer) on public transportation every day. But I live in a very crowded city where it's easy to rack up at least 3-4 Streetpasses daily.
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2 years ago#12
Every week when I go to my local 3ds meet up (we're usually playing Pokemon, monster hunter, bomberman or mario kart)

I dont see any vitas though (unless I decide to ask my friends to join me for Dragons crown)

I really hope Freedom wars gets people to do sony handheld local meet ups again (we use to do a few for monster hunter and gods eater on the psp back in the days)
^ idk if Freedom wars have online modes, but if theres online most chances is that the local community will continue to be dead

Its weird how if a nintendo game has online, noone uses it and still prefer's to play locally.. while if a Sony game has online, noone wants to play locally and everything is done online
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2 years ago#13
Rarely and it's always a child when I do. I assume most people over the age of 13 go out with specific purposes and not to play games.

Of course I don't take public transit. I feel like I may see more people if I was taking the train into New York for work everyday or something.
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2 years ago#14
Rarely. When I'm at work I'll see the occasional parent bring their car in with their kids in tow with a 2ds (probably won't even see that when summer is done though). On the bus? Never. I just see dumb people looking to get mugged playing on their phones. Lulz. Myself? I just bring my gba sp. SUPER portable, so glad I bought it two years ago not knowing I'd have to take it to work in my lunchbag.. lol.
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2 years ago#15
Very rarely. The first time I saw a 3DS IRL was on a public transit bus back in 2011. I spent a disgusting amount of time that year riding the bus back and forth to collage, having someone to battle/trade Pokemon with was actually a pretty big help.
There were also a couple of DS Lites and a PSP floating around that school.

I don't think I've seen a handheld in public since that year. I don't even see that many smartphones being used for anything other then quick texts/calls.
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2 years ago#16
Every week i've been seeing the same kid carring around his DSi at the car show in my town. Other than that almost never.
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2 years ago#17
Saw it every day when I lived in Tokyo... as for America I see it maybe once a week? Sometimes less than that.
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2 years ago#18
Not unless I go to a convention. I do get the odd streetpass here and there, so they must be out there. I just don't actually see them.
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2 years ago#19
hyjinx17 posted...
Rarely and it's always a child when I do. I assume most people over the age of 13 go out with specific purposes and not to play games.

Well, when I was in school, I saw quite a few 3DS' in the wild. So I don't think handheld gaming is taboo amoung teens and adults (at least it shouldn't be). I think its just that if they're not going to be out for a long time, they probably see no reason to carry a handheld, or play a game.
2 years ago#20
I'm a high schooler in America and my school is actually pretty cool with 3DSs. I was able to convince 2/3 of my closest friends to get 3DSs as well (still trying on the last one). I can get maybe 7 or so streetpasses in a day, but I don't think there are any vitas. I also go to a Magnet school, so it's a bit nerdier than your standard high school.
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