Too late to get a 3DS?

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9 months ago#1
I want one, but im not sire if it would be pointless to grab one so late in its life. Also im not sure if I want a Xl or not...which is better?
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9 months ago#2
Its not even in the middle of the 3ds life yet... It has a good 3-4 more years left imo
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9 months ago#3
i have a xl, and i personally think its better, but some think the 2ds is better... your call... but i love my xl,
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9 months ago#5
Why would getting one late in its life be pointless? By that point, you know whether the system has a good selection of games that interest you, and prices will have dropped as well.
9 months ago#6
bout halfway through the life cycle you'll be fine plus SSB3D
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9 months ago#7
It's nowhere near too late to get a 3DS.
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9 months ago#8
lambchips posted...
Its not even in the middle of the 3ds life yet... It has a good 3-4 more years left imo

Yeah. 3DS has a few years left.

Besides its never too late. Being late to the party means you have a ton of good games. No playing the waiting game like almost every super early adopter for any system ever.
9 months ago#9
You guys are forgetting about something that makes it a valid concern: Online and multi-player.

He's probably worried that if he gets one late in its life, he probably won't get to experience online capabilities and multi-player very much since there'd only be a a few years left before the next handheld is out and it gets cut off.
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9 months ago#10
Being a late adopter of a system is almost always a better deal than being an early adopter:

-Huge game library
-Cheaper hardware
-Better deals for games
-The platform is mature so there's usually less software/hardware issues, and those that exist have been revisioned or patched.
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