So after over 5 months, I've finally beat Yoshi's New Island. Here's my review=)

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I'm confused. 80/80 would mean 100%. Did you mean 80/100?

It's a silly pseudo-achievement thing where people attempt to fill the title of the topic with all 80 characters for some reason.

You don't know why? 80/80 was originally a way to communicate to others that you ran out of room in your topic title, and would be continuing it in the body of the first post. Only in the past 3 or so years did people really start (mis)using it frivolously as a cheevo.
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5 months? Geez, took me like a week.
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I enjoy when users on GameFAQs post legitimate reviews of games like this, rather than just making topics in which they over-exaggerate how good or bad a game is.
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