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Anyone download the new update?
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For people playing stock market with limited editions/amiibosThat_one_43/3 11:58AM
Dont' be in a rush if something is wrong in the system transfernikowwf43/3 11:46AM
Mega man Amiibo now in stock go go
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Horror stories about stripped screws can be avoided with the right screwdriver.Blue_Katarn73/3 11:33AM
Miiverse perma banned
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New 3DS owner - quick question about upgrading microSD cardSangYuP73/3 10:48AM
Replace D-Pad with regular DS's?GambitUS23/3 10:46AM
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Do you think the next Nintendo handheld will be physically backwards compatible? (Poll)
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Question on New 3DS XL hingecaptainsqually63/3 10:42AM
How should I go about transferring SD saves?Camston18733/3 10:32AM
Are you pleasantly surprised NOA didn't try to force digital for Xenoblade 3D? (Closed)
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So...where is Cremia's hug?Gladiant43/3 9:55AM
Battle of the DS games! (Round 7) (Poll)
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Just did a system transfer, where the hell is my 100+ hours of MH4U?
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Question about transferringSniper4hire820953/3 8:48AM
What's the next 3DS game you're buying?
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