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Can't log onto Netflix on 3DS XL (Smash Bros. edition)
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New 3DS vs dsididdy1278810/21 8:41PM
Demo Code email With No Demo Code
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Which game should I get? (Poll)
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I hope Nintendo starts doing this more often
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Best 32gb SD card? I need more memory.Kous52910/21 7:17PM
So I got my ORAS demo code on my hotmail, but no my gmail...
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I'm on a tight budget, could anyone help me? (Poll)jeof96910/21 6:38PM
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whos hype for xenoblade chronicles on the new nintendo 3ds
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I got my Pokemon demo code email an hour ago so there's probably still hopeObtuseAngina110/21 5:59PM
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will the new 3DS model have an improved screen?
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Is the New 3DS XL fully gloss finished, or is the inside matte finished?blargargy610/21 5:14PM
Castlevania fans: A great article about Cv:OoE's Shanoa (Poll)
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what color is your 3ds
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Why Nintendo games are special? What is the reason that makes people care?
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