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What is the SEXIEST 3DS model?
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Was the eshop available on the orginal 3ds on release date?
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Fire Emblem sales update
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Do you think Monolith Soft should make a Zatch Bell game?
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What Would you do if Zelda&Metroid were exclusive to N3DS? (Poll)
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Finally Bought N3DS
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Should I buy a 3DS XL, a New 3DS?Pokegirl65/23 2:50PM
Did Nintendo ever explain why the nub was used in lieu of another circle pad?Rolfin45/23 2:20PM
New 3DS Transparent Face PlatesChenmaster215/23 2:19PM
How do you get into tactical RPGs?
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Monster Hunter DLC questionParagonCrossing55/23 1:35PM
I'm going to buy one of the two today
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I can't get the nub on the New 3DS to go "down" properly.TheWorstPoster65/23 1:21PM
Which of these fake monster hunter spinoffs/crossovers would you buy? (Poll)
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New 3DS XL colors at E3?GamerZero165/23 1:05PM
Would a Pokemon Z/X2 and Y2 be built to take advantage of the New 3DS?
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Is retail 2ds sealed or no?FIR_FIR55/23 12:57PM
SMT Strange Journey and Radiant Historia were the best JRPGs on DS right? (Poll)
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