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Anyone else disgusted by Xeodrifter?
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pikachupwnage1210/20 10:22AM
I can't register my new 3DS!
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Whinpful1510/20 10:21AM
Make me wanna buy Kid Icarus: Uprising
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Executor151110/20 10:15AM
It's a shame that the 3DS is not the ideal platform for Smash Bros...
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furygods1610/20 10:13AM
Does the 3D tracking on the New 3DS work well in lower lighting?EternalNether110/20 9:58AM
Games that look better on the XL.
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pigwarts5ever2910/20 9:56AM
Anyone else hate it when ppl start yelling smartphones are taking over?
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KillZoneAI4110/20 9:54AM
Those looking for Radiant Historia brand newkalvador510/20 9:31AM
How is Vampire: Master of Darkness?Trevor_Belmont310/20 8:08AM
Should I buy a 2DS or just wait for the "NEW" 3DS model?
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sputnik4141410/20 7:32AM
Anyone know when Play Asia start taking preorders?1ultima410/20 7:27AM
Not buying new new new new 3DS until there is a special edition - join me!
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MC Link2610/20 6:52AM
3DS running slower after update?SniperNightOwl710/20 6:40AM
Unable to add friends because I'm not online...?gotdangit410/20 3:18AM
Any games in 3DS now that is similar to FF Tactics?
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Felix_XI1410/20 1:27AM
So what would happen if I tried trading in a Japanese 3DS game to GameStop?
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Spade21X1310/20 12:20AM
Beware of people trying to buy your codessonicnewboy610/19 11:34PM
New3DS - to trade in or not?Limen123310/19 10:30PM
Whoa, so the PS 2 has more VN's than the 3DS does?
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21_212710/19 10:01PM
So I've been playing..."some" 3DS. ...TIMEZ FOR THOUGHTS, YUS?
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Quesker1110/19 8:50PM