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Recommend me a game while I wait for Fire Emblem to come out. (Archived)thompsontalker761/21/2013
Dat fire emblem demo (Archived)BlazeRunner91/21/2013
Any change of more revisions of 3DS? (Archived)temgun21/21/2013
I wonder if the Fire Emblem puzzle frame will make its way to NA? (Archived)
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Your top 5 3DS games released so far? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
I really hope that Game Freak starts working on Drill Dozer 2 after X/Y. (Archived)Vyers91/21/2013
I hope the new Pokermon games have microtranstions, because.... (Archived)MonarchPoopos51/21/2013
New 3DS XL Worth $150? (Archived)SaturdayNight7101/21/2013
What should I buy on the eshop? (Archived)laxnd2391/21/2013
If you could change 1 thing about the 3ds... (Archived)
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Just got a new 3DS looking to add some more people! (Archived)chrono20031/21/2013
I have $1.20 left from the last time I used a $20 card on the eShop, any $1 game (Archived)the_NGW91/21/2013
Never played Etrain Odyssey B4. Need enlightenment . (Archived)danny532981/21/2013
NightSky (Archived)Darkstorm1631/20/2013
Hi I'm Takashi Tezuka! I made NSMB2. Do you like it? (Archived)
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Got 2 panels completed today! (Archived)Linkz161/20/2013
Erasing rankings in SF643D? (Archived)NekoSushiRiot21/20/2013
Recommend me active online games? (Archived)_HlM_71/20/2013
Going soley by quality..... (Archived)
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Background DS games (Archived)lepeos21/20/2013
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