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Idle Fingers [3DS Related] (Archived)esoteric4249/14/2011
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Circle pad attatchment - it's not region locked or anything, right? >_> (Archived)AppIe_3-1499/14/2011
Monster Hunter Tri 3G and Monster Hunter 4 are both 3DS Exclusive and... (Archived)
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What did you answer on the poll? (Archived)
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Is Four Swords going to be in 3.5 widesrceen? (Archived)Galaxy_Nova89/14/2011
The conference lacked everything. (Archived)
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Do you consider OoT3D or Star Fox 3D the better remake? (Archived)
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So I played the 3ds in best buy and (Archived)
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A bit late in the year to start gardening, don't you think? (Archived)darkqueenhelba69/14/2011
Played a 3DS for the first time today. (Archived)Tzuba1269/14/2011
1st game should be? (Archived)Sinful_Desire79/14/2011
To avoid damaging game info saved, hold in reset button as you turn power off. (Archived)Darkraiomb69/14/2011
i must have a 3ds now... (Archived)donkeypunch1116109/14/2011
Do you like the look of the 3DS Circle Pad Extension/Attatchment? (Archived)AppIe_3-14109/14/2011
Do you think there will be any bundles towards holiday? (Archived)
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Poll: Silde Pad Expansion: $19, who is getting one? (Archived)
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Is Nintendo your favorite Company? (Archived)
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