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Wow, Inazuma Eleven Go's graphics look a lot better than previous IE games...
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I might be out of income tax money, but...King_of_Flan33/1 11:17AM
What can I buy on eShop today for exactly $2.50?
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Battle of the DS games! (Round 2) (Poll)
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Someone show me how to support your NN3DSXL with your pinky at the power button.
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Are giveaway links allowed on here? (Doing a Club Nintendo giveaway type thing)PhantomPuppet93/1 10:17AM
Is it possible to system transfer just the data for one game?nintendomaniaco63/1 10:16AM
Honestly, Are a The Streetpass Games Worth it?
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New 3ds xl on eBay thru best buy. Bought yesterday for $199 + tax shipped today.henryhill43/1 9:20AM
$60 3DS games
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I have no regrets of getting an XL 3DS now.... I cant imagine going back.Cheko201573/1 9:02AM
would this simple thing work?Tyler_strazza63/1 8:57AM
Thinking of getting Xeodrifter... any opinions?GreekTheftAuto53/1 8:49AM
Is there a list of how many coins the games give you? (The CN rewards).-Unowninator-43/1 8:47AM
For those that own Xenoblade on the Wii, will you pick up the 3D version?
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Would you consider these prices fair?xxtearg0dxx103/1 7:37AM
What size screwdriver do I need to swap memory card on N3DSXL?Lord_Smokeone53/1 6:35AM
I hope they try their hands at Dragon Quest IX's formula again.georgethecow433/1 6:18AM
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Nintendo shouldn't force its consumers to go digital.
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