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Odds of 3ds Virtual Console Castlevania games? (Archived)Bladescorpion68/2/2012
Which one 3DS game would you like to see get localization ? (Poll)
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Total Score (Archived)
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IGN on the 3DS XL's 3D: So good, it makes your eyes bleed (in a good way) (Archived)
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Considering 3DS XL? (Archived)gilv3r78/2/2012
Which one would you prefer? (Poll)Eric_Corona78/2/2012
Have you bought the game: Super Street Fighter IV 3D? (Poll)
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How to transfer vc games to 3ds xl? (Archived)Xx5ILLYR4BBITxX58/2/2012
Paranoid over screen scratching (Archived)
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typical which games to get topic (Archived)BossBalla9058/2/2012
Any good deals out there for the XL? (Archived)TonyMontana91638/2/2012
So my 3DS finally has screen scratches... (Archived)RoyMaster448/2/2012
Can now get puzzle pieces through spotpass? (Archived)hailnickgriffin68/2/2012
a few concerns about the 3dsXL/LL? (Archived)Darkstorm1688/2/2012
Rate my 3DS/DS collection (Archived)ObtuseAngina28/2/2012
Fantasy Life- more screens, info. (Archived)CloudStrife630108/2/2012
What would you say to future Pokemon games if.... (Archived)
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Does anyone have an LL/XL and Kid icarus uprising? (Archived)Brandy197748/2/2012
Favorite and least favorite puzzle panel? (Archived)CHOVI398/2/2012
circle pad pro, questiins and thoughts. (Archived)
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