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So I just bought a 3DS on a whim, what all is there to do if I have no games? (Archived)
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Still a ridiculous amount of good GB/GBC games left to release on the eshop. (Archived)
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I'm probably VERY, VERY late. But still, I think everyone should see this. (Archived)Crabhammar97/14/2012
Should I pick up Kirby's Pinball Land if I already have Mass Attack? (Archived)
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In Metroid, what was the third power-up I picked up? (Archived)Swan362457/14/2012
Who here played Revelations without CPP? (Archived)
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Zelda is masonic (Archived)
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Does KHDDD use play coins? (Archived)
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Nintendo I promise to buy a Japanese 3DS if you coax... (Archived)Hector_Sass47/14/2012
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