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why can't I seem to find TWEWY anywhere? (Archived)
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do you guys do alot more compulsive buying in handheld? (Archived)
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Gamestop power up reward download ticket? (Archived)
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POLL do you wear 3D glasses when you play this (Archived)
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Do you play Gameboy games in black & white or green? (Archived)
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...Wait, what? Shifting World comes out next week? Wasn't that game just... (Archived)Koi_Tenchi34/18/2012
New 3DS owner :D (Archived)
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Alright, the 3ds has been out for awhile now. Are your street passes increasing? (Archived)
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Club Nintendo recommendation? (Archived)Trevor_Belmont44/18/2012
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Would you buy A Link to the Past if they remastered it and put it out in retail? (Archived)
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I got it! I know why 3DS gets all the trolls! (Archived)
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anyone know where i can find a collection of old high-res zelda art? (Archived)agenttrav14/18/2012