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I got a spare steel diver code (Archived)george costanza58/20/2012
So I was looking to trade in my 3ds for an XL but..... (Archived)darkforest0238/20/2012
Is the 3DS essentially going to be a fully functional Wii U controller or not? (Archived)Semi45a48/20/2012
Pixelation? (Archived)Charizard9098/19/2012
How much does Steel Driver/Pilotwings trade in for at Bestbuy? (Archived)__FiaIe__58/19/2012
Anyone else have a problem with the new screen click? (Archived)AftComet18/19/2012
How long does the Gamestop deal last? (Archived)neoalphazero68/19/2012
cod 3ds ideas (Archived)shamontray2928/19/2012
Am I the only one happy with just my standard 3DS? (Archived)
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Has anyone notice this? (Archived)andizzle2966248/19/2012
Future Shop Deal NSMB2 (Archived)bboydescend18/19/2012
Idea About Games Available in Retail and For Download (Archived)masterdogmeat28/19/2012
Have you heard of any of these obscure Nintendo games? (Archived)
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8 bucks on eShop (Archived)
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Clickin sound when opening the screen... (Archived)benny05050548/19/2012
How do Ambassador games look on the XL? (Archived)mountainmohawk38/19/2012
3DS to XL transfer question. (Archived)Vodoochild8168/19/2012
So how does the 3DS XL compare to a DS Lite? (Archived)
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I'm 165 coins away from Platinum. Did you reach Platinum yet with the 3DS XL? (Archived)Linkz178/19/2012
Circle Pad Pro trade in value at GameStop? (Archived)15RC88/19/2012
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