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How do GB games look in their native resolution (GB border) (Archived)teh1337gosu38/19/2012
3DS XL cradle???? (Archived)
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upgrading SD card (Archived)stop328/19/2012
3dsXL is great (Archived)nardinizzle28/19/2012
Question about eShop funds (Archived)Jonathan727288/19/2012
I think I just became addicted to CN. (Archived)2wingedangel58/19/2012
After doing the system transfer can I just swap SD cards? (Archived)gtafan1638/19/2012
BestBuy Canada - Get SteelDiver for Free with purchase of 3DSxl (Archived)TamerWoody2218/19/2012
Puzzle Quest 3 or game like this series? (Archived)gatsbyy28/19/2012
Very happy 3ds xl owner! (Archived)andizzle29662108/19/2012
C/D: The 3DS Mario output is already superior to the DS output (Archived)ChronoCactaur68/19/2012
NSMB2 Final Boss and Ending! (high quality!) SPOILERS (Archived)
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Transferring difficulties... (Archived)ponyseizures58/19/2012
Would it be pointless to buy a 3DS XL just to play regular Nintendo DS games? (Archived)slk_2378/19/2012
Couple questions (Archived)trenken38/19/2012
Anyone who's looking for XL screen protectors, get the SONY Vita ones! (Archived)dudupupu108/19/2012
how does redownloading work??? (Archived)zado1958/19/2012
Gamestop trade in for 3ds XL (Archived)Catspaj3378/19/2012
Ugh, the bottom panel of the XL is horrible. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
3ds NSMB2 friend code xchange (Archived)elsmitty58/19/2012
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