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3D Classics: Balloon Fight (Archived)DarkIVloon69/15/2012
Looking at getting some Eshop titles (Archived)
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just got a 3DS XL with this games (Archived)ManuKesna89/15/2012
*Quick question that I need answered as soon as possible!* (About the transfer) (Archived)LinkIsTheBest359/15/2012
Sites for SD downloads? Like people's pictures? (Archived)
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When I try to open the SD slot, the blue back plate feels like it's coming off. (Archived)ChicagoTed_39/15/2012
First look at the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game coming to the 3DS (Archived)Rurouni72039/15/2012
Looking for a game with planes. (Archived)
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Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D, Opinions on It (Archived)Transdude29/15/2012
I'm at Nintendo World for Legend of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddesses Mini Concert (Archived)
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Gargoyle's Quest (Archived)lornegreenepose89/15/2012
Anyone played Crazy Kangaroo? (Archived)Neo166119/15/2012
looking back at some of the earlier topics on this board (Archived)Genericgamer66719/15/2012
3DS XL feels cheapish >.> (Archived)
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3D slider feels odd when moved and makes a scratchy kinda noise..... (Archived)pikachupwnage89/15/2012
I can't put Theatryhthm down.. (Archived)Jonathan727259/15/2012
I went to The Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses event at Nintendo World! (Archived)
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Which Cave Story should I get? (Poll)Darkstorm1679/15/2012
Do you think that a future update could ditch the FCs? (Archived)darkus_f49/15/2012
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3D (Archived)
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