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Yay I got a 3DS for Christmas awesome! Oh wait, actually no it sucks (Archived)
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recommended SD card size for downloading videos? (Archived)Shadow15463812/27/2011
"A" Button makes a creaking sound when pushed. (Archived)Crazyfrog555512/27/2011
So whats the next major Nintendo 3DS game? (Archived)
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is the Eshop going to update ????? i want my nes snes and gba games!!! (Archived)LEGEND_KILLERRR412/27/2011
How are the demos limited? (Archived)
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Okay I feel stupid. (Archived)
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You know what Nintendo should have done? (Archived)
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What were all the games announced at nintendo direct? (Archived)RedMage Nico812/27/2011
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Is there anything decent I can get for 1950 Club Nintendo stars? (UK) (Archived)Yorkshire_14212/27/2011
Someone confirm this for me? Kid Icarus possibly with Co-op? (Archived)brStalker912/27/2011
I'm sick of Mario Kart games (Archived)
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