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I'm glad the second circle pad is larger than it first appeared to be. (Archived)crazybot89/13/2011
Second circle pad compatible with RE:R, KH3D, more. (Archived)
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The EU release schedule is stupid (Archived)Gavin_Rozee109/13/2011
The stylus is ONLY good for typing and drawing, use your thumb to aim -_- (Archived)flaboy90999/13/2011
Is wobbling normal? (Archived)Duncanwii79/13/2011
what was the "extremely big announcement"? (Archived)KHRZ109/13/2011
What did I miss at last night's conference (Archived)RemixDeluxe99/13/2011
Is it just me or does the addon actually look really comfortable? (Archived)frdetngn109/13/2011
Is it just me or did some of the games look better than they did originally? (Archived)darkqueenhelba49/13/2011
So this new updates improves Mii Plaza, but not the online setup? (Archived)
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hoping someone else makes a second slide pad... (Archived)ZXlegends82259/13/2011
Can we stop freaking out about the free Four Swords game now? (Archived)darkqueenhelba49/13/2011
So, in order to use the add-on, I need a Triple H battery? (Archived)whitaker6490109/13/2011
On the subject of the thumb slider extension... (Archived)GEKGanon19/13/2011
How do you 'register a game for streetpass'? (Archived)puny_rikku59/13/2011
list the games that absolutely require the 2nd stick (Archived)Q_BERT10199/13/2011
Was anything new shown about Luigi's Mansion or Paper Mario? (Archived)Emoglobin29/13/2011
I'm selling my 3DS... (Archived)GEKGanon99/13/2011
Anyone else dissapointed by the conference? (Archived)
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Anything important happen or announced in the conference? (Archived)avataR_Keyblade69/13/2011