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What's the verdict on Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights? (Archived)linkrules282/19/2012
I wish the game cases had a few extra game slots in them (Archived)NewFnShow92/19/2012
Do you think Nintendo always goes for strange new features because of piracy? (Archived)
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Still no fun for me... (Archived)Aalvi82/19/2012
At best, a mindlessly incorrect statement, at worst, false advertising. (Archived)
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Mark your date Pokemon fans! (Archived)
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Ordered Cave Story 3D off of Amazon and... (Archived)linkrules222/19/2012
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3DS browser vs. Vita browser - A video comparison (Archived)
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3DS v.s. Vitamins (Archived)Xobter_81102/19/2012
Edge says Metal Gear 3D looks better than the HD version (Archived)
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Does 3DS support video uploading? (Archived)TheNewWave102/19/2012
Running out of puzzle panels. (Archived)_crashbfan_42/19/2012
Does Denpa Ningen (eShop RPG) have a shot at international release? (Archived)TheZuperHero32/19/2012
Why can you open the slot thing on the back of the charge cradle? (Archived)
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Is a Youtube app or the ability to watch YT videos even possible in the future? (Archived)LoveLightning52/19/2012
Suggestions for protecting my 3DS screen? (Archived)Super Slash72/19/2012
A few questions about a few 3DS games. (Archived)Lord_Frood102/19/2012
Does the 3DS' volume level suck compared to the Vita's? (Archived)
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