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RPG's for the 3DS. (Archived)MattyGDS67/29/2012
Club Nintendo PIN#'s up for grabs (Archived)Ergot_Cholera77/29/2012
Starship Defense Code trade (Archived)DarkPit724177587/29/2012
Why do people hate the Home Select and Start Buttons so much? (Archived)
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random questoin about the ds systens (Archived)vocaloid827957/29/2012
Pokemon Trading Card Game.... if this ever makes it in the eShop... (Archived)
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Steel Diver Good Purchase for 5 bucks? (Archived)SupremeLord505077/29/2012
E-shop games with awesome music like Mighty Switch Force? (Archived)I2aVeN107/28/2012
Disregarding Kingdom Hearts... any other RPGs in the horizon? (Archived)
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Anyone played Art of Balance? (Archived)Jonbazookaboz67/28/2012
I would kill a bug for a new wario ware game. Would you? (Archived)
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Which game would you recemend? (Archived)Darkstorm1627/28/2012
will we see a new Gargoyle's Quest on 3ds? (Archived)Mozillla37/28/2012
Are they ever going to release any of ye old Pokemon games for 3DS VC? (Archived)WHATZITUYA37/28/2012
I think a glitch on Club Nintendo might keep me from receiving a survey. (Archived)Duncanwii67/28/2012
I am on my way to Nintendo World in NYC for the Kingdom Hearts launch (Archived)
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What does Nintendo Zone actually offer (Archived)
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If rare could remake ONE game for 3DS, I would like conker. (Archived)
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Can you colorize the original gameboy games on the vc? (Archived)illusivedude77/28/2012
What game should I buy:Kingdom Hearts 3d or Theatrythm?? (Archived)
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