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how to put video in 3DS. (Archived)sanji57338/23/2012
KH3D or Theatrhythm? (Archived)
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Couple of questions regarding 3DS XL.. (Archived)allsoppy68/23/2012
Who wants Gameboy Ninja Gaiden on 3DS VC? (Archived)STN7938/23/2012
Any news on the pikachu xl coming to america? (Archived)CHOVI398/23/2012
Where are the Demos? (Archived)Zedrick58/23/2012
New Demo (Archived)Kander98/23/2012
headphones recomendation (Archived)venom4789148/23/2012
The 3DS XL is cool (Archived)danny532988/23/2012
Why is everyone so in love with the 3DS XL? (Archived)
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I will prove once and for all the 3DS screens do not scratch themselves (Archived)xxtearg0dxx68/23/2012
New that the 3DS XL is out... (Archived)gala1248/23/2012
want to get a 3ds xl so bad but.. (Archived)papery0shi2108/23/2012
Any screen scratching appearances on your 3DS XL's so far, guys? (Archived)
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Picking up my XL Friday. Some questions for current owners. (Archived)
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Which 3/DS systems do you currently own? (Poll)
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[JPN] eShop August 22nd / More Ambassador Updates (Archived)Nekoakuma108/23/2012
What games do you think have the best 3D? (Archived)Metua108/23/2012
You can now order the 3DS XL Charging Cradle direct from Nintendo... (Archived)
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Why oh why is the f**** XL so f**** quiet?! (Archived)
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