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Maybe my mind is slipping...some help with Nintendo history (3DS related) (Archived)
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BREAKING NEWS: 3DS gets a 2nd analog (Archived)
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Now we have two sticks; new Fight Night pleeease. (Archived)Halo3GAMEFREAK19/7/2011
Now we have two sticks; new Tenchu pleeease. (Archived)__Fiale__19/7/2011
Actually, having a pad to the right of the buttons seems like a good idea (Archived)
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nintendo will announce the last 5 ambassador games and have more on the way (Archived)
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My thoghts on the Circular Pad Add-On ! (Archived)pikachu84829/7/2011
To assuage people's fears that this is going to be used for all new games: (Archived)
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Poll: How many of you believe... (Archived)
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POLL: Are you afraid of all the news about the 2nd Analog Circle Pad? (Archived)
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some battery questions. (Archived)jeffrey80239/7/2011
If a second Circle Pad wasn't able to fit in the initial model... (Archived)Lost_Seraph0929/7/2011
For people who like MH and Both Handhelds... (Archived)lockheart4729/7/2011
We are so schizophrenic about Capcom on these boards (Archived)
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Wow Crapcom asks for a second analog and Nintendogs crawsl to make it but.... (Archived)
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