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Damn, the Nyko Powergrip really makes playing Kid Icarus much more comfortable (Archived)Grunt4023/24/2012
i have Beam Claws with paralysis properties in Kid Icarus Uprising (Archived)ObtuseAngina43/24/2012
Poll: how many people are using their 3DS to post on gamefaqs? (Archived)
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How good is the Nyko battery pack? (Archived)Sakurafanboy33/24/2012
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When is the system update coming? (Archived)
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For those that ordered Kid Icarus: Uprising from and paid $39.99 (Archived)
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Rumour about firmware update (Archived)AgentWafflez73/24/2012
So I slept with my copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising in my arms.... (Archived)J_Cov93/24/2012
Honest Battery Life? (Archived)
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Square's new rumored Summer 2012 title is supposedly a new Crystal Chronicles (Archived)
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Rate the new Kid Icarus game. (Archived)
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Slightly better KI controls (Archived)KittyPuppy23/24/2012
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion announced (developed by Dreamrift) (Archived)
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Some First Impressions on KI:U (Archived)
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I can get a 3ds for 100 with the rebate from nintendo (Archived)
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Should I buy a JP 3DS? (Archived)Dylyck73/24/2012
If I'm not an ambassador how can I still get the games (Archived)
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Unchained Blade Rexx (dungeon RPG) coming to the West (Archived)xfactor53/24/2012