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Is anybody else unable to download the ambassador games? (Archived)I_Pwn_Tetris89/3/2011
Why are you all anti-Pokemon as an Ambassador game? >_> (Archived)
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ITT: We discuss Nintendo Video's newest video (the one with the blue guys) (Archived)
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for $20 is Steel Diver worth it? (Archived)joelang1279/3/2011
I'd give anything to have Pokemon Yellow on eShop... (Archived)
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3ds already have 4 fighting games on the 3ds (Archived)
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The game announcement is a single player MMO. (Archived)
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do you think 3D will end up being a default feature of nintendo portables now? (Archived)PK_Omega_X99/3/2011
will trade 3 ds and one 3ds game... for a single game.. please look inside (Archived)
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How to Download the Ambassador Games (Please Read!) (Archived)
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Does anyone here have their 3DS connected to a WRT54G? (Archived)jwillenn69/3/2011
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Sucks there is no save state (Archived)
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Anyone else disappointed with the prospect of BIT.TRIP SAGA? (Archived)
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