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If i just want a 3ds for Animal Crossing and a few other gamesFez_Watley611/10/2012
Golden Sun type games on 3DS?FighterOfFire711/10/2012
I'm so torn on whether or not to buy Paper Mario.
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Rate My DS/3DS Library
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I just noticed how many games I want on 3DS. Any more suggestions?Enix Belmont1011/10/2012
I hope they remake Zelda III The Triforce SagaKingJaggi1011/10/2012
Is the CPP still hard to get?CrmsnFatalis96211/10/2012
Good multiplayer games for a long trip?GameMaster2k7611/10/2012
Are you gonna buy Fallbox/Crashmo?De_Blob_X1011/10/2012
For those of you who play GBA games (Poll)Daemonscharm1011/10/2012
what version of cave story do you have?
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So are most people getting the XL model over the reg version now ?Kano921011/10/2012
where to order games from canada for cheap prices with fast shippingtgbyhnaa211/10/2012
Your reaction: the next Zelda 3DS is Spirit Tracks 2
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How long is this game, an is it worth the 40 bucks??KingTykeem187511/10/2012
There seems to be some hope for Megaman on the 3DS_Candice_111/10/2012
New Animal Crossing puzzle out
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Does Amazon usually have sales on games for Cyber Monday?LordOroc611/10/2012
Just purchased Final Fantasy 3 used $10 . Good game?Anthonyana1011/10/2012
How Would You Feel About An Online Only Game?
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