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Game Freak has had the 3DS devkit since at least February 2010 (Archived)
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Rate my 3"DS" collection! (Archived)Solid_Mike86102/26/2012
Don't set your 3DS on another DS while it is in sleep mode. (Archived)
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Before the announcement, I used to like the idea of B&W 2... (Archived)Leafy10152/26/2012
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Went to Gamestop to pre-order Kid Icarus and ask a question. (Archived)ShadowAsylum82/26/2012
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Dillon's Rolling Western topic. (Archived)
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Weird title in my software library. (Archived)Enurp52/26/2012
Pikmin 3DS? Would that be cool or what? (Archived)
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Black and White 2 FUSIONS! (Archived)
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Poll: The novelty of 3D gaming is starting to wear off. (Archived)
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F*** yeah! I got all the blue pieces in Puzzle Swap! (Archived)NeonOctopus102/25/2012
I'm so glad it's not called Gray. (Archived)legendarylemur12/25/2012
Wait a second, maybe they're saving Grey version to be... (Archived)Timohtep52/25/2012
Y'know, we can all take something from this (Archived)LHS_201242/25/2012