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Classic Pokemon games on the eShop, what's the hold-up? (Archived)
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Hey! Why aren't you playing your GBA games!? (Archived)
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I mostly care about the GBA games because... (Archived)Bearpowers112/16/2011
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Nintendo, i'm packing with 50 pounds of explodium. (Archived)
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Is getting stars in Mario vs Donkey Kong just a matter of getting a high enough (Archived)Saihig512/16/2011
So glad i only own 2 out of the 10 ambassador titles! (Archived)
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X button acts as B button in Yoshi's Island! (Archived)AngealZC412/16/2011
what is your mii plaza greeting? (Archived)
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Crisis Averted, All right everyone put down your torches and pitchforks! (Archived)
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Did the new update fix the power button issue for anyone? (Archived)
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Is there something wrong with Fire Emblem? (Archived)alberto strikes back112/16/2011
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