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That Nintendo Video Uyuyui(?) was cool. Imagine if they made it a platformer! (Archived)burnrubbertc28/21/2011
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Recommend good $20 ds games that i can play on my 3DS (Archived)
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It must suck for those whose favorite colour is red.... (Archived)
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trick to check your serial number if your an europe ambassador (Archived)mcmo21108/21/2011
HP's situation makes me think Nintendo will do what their stockholders want. (Archived)
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So you can DSi to 3DS and 3DS to 3DS Transfer (soon), how about 3DS to DSi? (Archived)X_Ayumi_X108/21/2011
We need a basketball game for 3DS(or even DS at least) (Archived)ShadowAsylum48/21/2011
I may have ruined the value of my 3ds but I couldn't stand thumb sliding off... (Archived)
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Jet Grind Radio 3D (Archived)
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