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How many future 3DS games are a 100% buy for you? (Archived)
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Can anyone recommend some decent games for a future 3DS owner? (Archived)lolman771277/29/2011
The reason Im excited for the price drop... (Archived)ZiggyStardust6127/29/2011
About the free games (Archived)
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so to get the new games you needed to have gone on the e shop... (Archived)szunega37/29/2011
Was there VC yesterday? (Archived)iammaxhailme27/29/2011
Iwata Taking a 50% Salary Cut, Other Execs Taking 30% Cut and More News (Archived)
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Let me get this straight part 2 (Archived)Lemmywinks1367/29/2011
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About these free games? (Archived)BriareosHekton67/29/2011
Game Boy Advance Wish List (Archived)
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The 3DS will be just fine. (Archived)WarLordGanon237/29/2011
should i buy a 3ds if it makes me go blind? (Archived)Tmack237/29/2011
Legend of Legaia MAKE THIS FOR 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Slayer786127/29/2011
Has anyone called Bestbuy or Target and asked if the loophole will work? (Archived)
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Seriously, do none of you get tired of... (Archived)
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Should I get this with the price cut soon? (Archived)zerooo097/29/2011
Upgrading my sd card (Archived)FMofDeath47/29/2011
So about the 20 free games... (Archived)DarkECOJak67/29/2011