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its sad this 2d gif has more depth than any other 3ds game (Archived)
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Is the Zelda 25th anniversary symphony a good place for streetpasses? (Archived)ElectricField73/25/2012
POLL do u hav evrey 3Ds game? (Archived)
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would it have been so tough to have a resolution of 640x360 (Archived)
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POLL do you " like " 3ds or do you " LOVE " 3ds ? (Archived)fungivore63/25/2012
Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is Confirmed for 3DS (Archived)
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I figured out an exploit to guarantee a puzzle piece via coins nearly every try: (Archived)
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Contest for Mario Picross code (Archived)
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What color is your 3ds? And are you content with your selection? (Archived)
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Is Kid Icarus and Metal Gear Solid worth pick up? (Archived)
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I hope Nintendo adds a proper messaging system. (Archived)_Pingu_53/25/2012
Princess Peach? More like Princess "I get kidnapped all the time" (Archived)
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nintendo 3ds firmware update question (Archived)shamontray2973/25/2012
Anybody in NA got the Streetpass Iwata? (Archived)wiimann12353/25/2012
My 3DS FC (Archived)Axel99013/25/2012
3DS @ $145 next week at Target (Archived)Dr_Koopa76103/25/2012
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