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Nintendo's Ambassador program is rushed and somewhat botched (Archived)
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Would really love to see Doom on the 3DS in some way or form. (Archived)MetroidJunkie17/29/2011
Why is a "price match" even necessary to begin with? (Archived)Broncav67/29/2011
Xbox drops price 5 months after release ot be competitive. Microsoft is praised! (Archived)
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Why is it called the 3DS again? (Archived)Mythril_Hammer67/29/2011
$170 helps with one barrier to entry, but not the other... (Archived)
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Please Nintendo, Pokemon Emerald for the Ambassadors! (Archived)
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~Those who feel the 20 games do not equal $80...~ (Archived)
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Question for those who play their 3DS a lot. (Archived)
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Nintendo is done... (Archived)mkicon77/29/2011
How to get the 3DS for $169.99 and the free games (Archived)
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So, how much does the price drop shave off in your region? (Archived)raymanfan127/29/2011
The best way to get the 20 free games and the $80 discount (Archived)SUPERM3TROID87/29/2011
Since Nintendo is Now Saying That They Should Focus on 3DS's Other Features (Archived)PhantomSword77/29/2011
cant wait for saints row on 3ds!! (Archived)nuclearratchet57/29/2011
Troubling trends in Gaming (Archived)
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How do you switch the Mii your friends see you as in your friend roster? (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS27/29/2011
You know, all this "3DS is finished, Nintendo is done!" seems so familiar... (Archived)
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I must be crazy. (Archived)Spiffy24767/29/2011