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is tetris axis worth buying? (Archived)
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Does anyone have Animal Crossing Clock? (Archived)gamegal767767410/2/2011
Anyone else considering Tetris Axis who already has Tetris DS? (Archived)Dranakin410/2/2011
What should I get on the eshop? (Archived)carnevine1710/2/2011
Wait, you can save 3DS power if you turn off 3D, wi-fi, and sound? (Archived)
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Just got a really weird Spot Pass notification... (Archived)BigDaddyWingnut510/2/2011
should i send my 3ds in for repairs? (Archived)SOLIDHIGGI910/2/2011
Analog stick seems to have problems (Archived)LanceDrako1010/2/2011
DS to DS Communication (Archived)Belthasar_610/2/2011
Mario 3DS holder (Archived)
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So, Four Swords was nice. (Archived)
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Anyone here have problems connecting your DS games online? (Archived)Orochi_310/2/2011
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords available until February 2012! (Official Page!) (Archived)
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DQM 3D needs a GameFAQs section (Archived)TorchicBlaziken210/2/2011
I want a racer so bad. (Archived)
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Anyone remember Elevator Action on the gameboy? Would you want it on the VC? (Archived)chestershadow910/2/2011
You think Retro should make Donkey Kong Country 3DS? (Archived)
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How often do you use headphones with the 3DS? (Archived)
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Spitball Sparky1610/2/2011
anyone ready for some webslinging action? (Archived)joelang12210/2/2011
With all these GBC games getting fan translations... (Archived)Second_Chances1010/2/2011