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Pilotwings Resort is actually a pretty decent game. (Archived)
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I have a feeling the Snake Eater 3DS is going to be worth a lot in a few years (Archived)Botnus912101/22/2012
Super Street Fighter 4, Dead or Alive Demensions, or wait for the 3D Tekken game (Archived)
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The 3DS helps me. (I'm a recovering alcoholic) (Archived)Y34RX3R091/22/2012
Sharing SwapNote creations? (Archived)CraddaPoosta21/22/2012
Just got MK7 for free. (Archived)
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anyone ever gotten a streetpass in your car? (Archived)
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Is there any way to fix this? (3DS cartridge problem) (Archived)
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Top 10 list of... (Archived)ssj_goku92121/22/2012
Wait for Kid Icarus 3D Classic or buy Pushmo/Pullblox NAOW? (Archived)
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your favorite limited edition 3DS? (Archived)
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Most anticipated niche 3DS game? (Archived)Sakurafanboy11/22/2012
Maybe the reason why there hasn't been a Golden Sun 3DS announcement is... (Archived)
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Where's Flipnote? (Archived)Pkjoan21/22/2012
Is there a release date for Rhythm Thief demo? (Archived)CHOVI371/22/2012
The guy who did the art for 999 is also doing it for Code of Princess. (Archived)Tengu_spam31/22/2012
favorite vid you've seen on Nintendo Video? (Archived)
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Bought a 3DS yesterday (Archived)Pics_nao_plz61/22/2012
does the 3ds feel really ackward when playing? (Archived)assassinCrash61/22/2012
if your 3DS could talk, what would it say? (Archived)
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