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I am loving the way the DS games look now on the XL. (Archived)Error1355 (M)38/19/2012
Am I the only one that wants a 3D Pikmin game? (Archived)Duckerdoo28/19/2012
Damn I miss my charging cradle already (Archived)Makeveli_lives28/19/2012
Kirby and the amazing mirror had the best multiplayer of any Nintendo PLATFORMER (Archived)GloryChaos88/19/2012
DSiXL trade in $100? (Archived)FizzGiggles8248/19/2012
Holy hell... (Archived)2wingedangel98/19/2012
3D slider clicking off a bit loose on 3DS XL (Archived)ChronoShot58/19/2012
what retail game would you buy digital. (Archived)
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WTF its only $60 to trade 3DS for 3DS XL! (Archived)Dusk_88/19/2012
Getting in an hour.. still dont know.... BLUE or RED ?! (Archived)TamerWoody2288/19/2012
Dang Gamestop >:( (Archived)Darkstorm1668/19/2012
How's the 3D in the XL? (Archived)jaymart_2k88/19/2012
How does the top screen durability feel? (Archived)Kitoro28/19/2012
3ds to 3ds xl transfer failed. (Archived)ZASZ21K58/19/2012
Which color are you getting or already got? (Poll)SadCubsFan28/19/2012
Two and a Half hours until my 3DS XL (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Kitt Thrust128/19/2012
does the 3ds xl have the same issue when closing it? with the top screen? (Archived)canton kid98/19/2012
What type of RPGS do you love the most? (Poll)Darkstorm1648/19/2012
the difference between the megaman games? *spoilers* (Archived)
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scratches? (Archived)kyomagi58/19/2012
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