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POLL if a homeless kid asked if he could have your 3ds would u give it to him ? (Archived)
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Do you think the 3ds or the vita is better? (Archived)
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Would Anyone Like a Free Club Nintendo Code... (Archived)Crazyfrog55543/18/2012
POLL: do u even getting ki3d or even care ? (Archived)
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Wow, VVVVVV is pretty awesome (Archived)
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Castlevania: The Adventure out in Japan ! (Archived)NewportBox100s73/18/2012
Couldn't Sakurai patch Kid Icarus to allow dual-circle pad support? (Archived)
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Saw a peace post for Vita and 3DS owners and thought I'd share my thoughts... (Archived)Zero147893/18/2012
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POLL wat 3ds games do u own (Archived)
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What 3DS news/titles would you like at E3? (Archived)
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How on earth... (Archived)
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New Luigi hat 3DS pouch on Club Nintendo! (Archived)
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When I push Up or Down on the D-pad on Super Mario 3D Land, it changes 3D? (Archived)ilikewalmart73/18/2012