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3DS needs more Mecha-themed games!blueninja444451/9/2013
Your reaction: Disney buys Nintendo
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Is X/Y the actual title, or just a working title?DeathScythe_527101/9/2013
so no word yet on a Jump ultimate(?) stars game or super robot wars?Kenta_PKMN91/9/2013
[JPN] eShop | Jan 9th 2013 | Metal Max hits the VC and new Demo!Nekoakuma61/9/2013
Am I the only one dissapointed by X & Y graphics.
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Goddammit, Can you peeps stop pokemon here pokemon there !!!CheeseIsSoFat71/9/2013
Wait a sec, new pokemon and monster hunter for the 3ds this year?!kickmesign101/9/2013
I ran out and immediately bought B2 after the X/Y announcement.Vexu19281/9/2013
Pokemon X & Y Trailer Analysis (Roller blades and DNA?!)duderdude311/9/2013
Trying to keep this from becoming a rage topic. Battery issuemumpsy21101/9/2013
Pokemon XY legendaries name confirmedAllFiction21/9/2013
I'm thinking about upgrading to the XLblohangel81/9/2013
Circle pad grip?ilikepie64141/9/2013
How screwed up is Game Freak?!CloudStrife63041/9/2013
Things are finally starting to look up for the 3DS
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I know why they chose X/Y!
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3DS PAL to 3DS XL NTSC ??? Possible???mopiee51/9/2013
OMG, I can't believe I dropped my 3DS x4 today! Pouch recommendations?LegendaryHeroReborn81/9/2013
Holy Crap!!! Japan shortly gets another Professor Layton game!!!
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