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How bad are the 3DS sales, really? (Archived)8509057876557297/28/2011
I want a 3DS but the only games that look interesting are.... (Archived)Yuji Kaido37/28/2011
One of the worst things I'd found about owning a 3DS wasn't the lack of games (Archived)_Candice_27/28/2011
I wanted to be first to deliver the news.... (Archived)Slacks888827/28/2011
If Ninty is going to offer a choice: 20 NES/GBA or 2 3DS Games? (Archived)KouenZan107/28/2011
There one thing that's got me mad about the price cut/Ambassador program (Archived)Shadow_Mario0167/28/2011
Same thing happened with the Xbox. Will people go and buy 3DS now? (Archived)Cave_Lion87/28/2011
Did Nintendo just troll sony? (Archived)
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Price Drop Regional Differences (Archived)
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Is Nintendo threatened by...? (Archived)
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The James cameron of video games (Archived)wave100047/28/2011
3ds price drop (Archived)
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One good thing about the price drop announcement and the "ambassador" program (Archived)deathsaber7977/28/2011
Just to make sure (Archived)OoSubaruoO67/28/2011
Honestly.... (Archived)Soccer00917/28/2011
i dont want 20 classics. (Archived)
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How do you get the 20 free games? (Archived)
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Damn it Nintendo! (Archived)doomman32857/28/2011
Does Nintendo still profit off of 169.99? (Archived)Deshokun87/28/2011