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Does anyone here still play Heroes of Ruin? (Archived)Spiffy24728/18/2012
Applying screen protectors on a new system? (Archived)Fighterkirby48/18/2012
For everyone trading in at gamestop? (Archived)g2red8938/18/2012
I got my new 3ds XL yesterday (Archived)thexmaverick88/18/2012
Is it wrong for me to prefer SMB2 over SMB3? (Archived)
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Any Deals on the XL Tommorow? (Archived)RisenTerran78/18/2012
14 more hours Till ....... (Archived)pwingx88/18/2012
I may finally 100% complete the original New Super Mario Bros. today. (Archived)shayminguy728/18/2012
What will sell more, the 3DS or the 3DS XL (Archived)oOo_SOX_oOo38/18/2012
3DSXL first expressions (Archived)idrc8268/18/2012
does anyone know what Nikki (swapnote) actually looks like??? (Archived)Shadow1546378/18/2012
What will Gamestop give for a used mint condition with this deal: (Archived)
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Sometimes too scared to use the slide pad... (Archived)__Fiale__38/18/2012
Help please!! I have no idea which game to buy... (Archived)jisu001458/18/2012
Serious opinion on "Cross-buy" (Archived)
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Is there any way to do a screen capture or something? (Archived)Metua58/18/2012
How long will the trade up last? (Archived)teffy38/18/2012
What games support the "Join Game" feature on the friend list? (Archived)Hedgehog Master28/18/2012
Where can I find a listing of upcoming, confirmed, release dates? (Archived)Snack_Stix28/18/2012
The gold nunchuck is no longer listed in Club Nintendo. (Archived)
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